Change billing in Shopify

In the Cevoid workspace, go to Settings > Billing

or follow this link:

1. Select the desired price plan

2. You will be sent to Shopify to verify your change in pricing plans

Important to know

Shopify manages all app charges and billing cycles according to their policy here.

  • You are billed for your app subscriptions and app usage as part of Shopify's 30-day subscription billing period. However, your app has a separate 30-day billing cycle, which impacts the charges you'll see on your Shopify bill.
  • Make sure that you consider our billing cycles when you plan to uninstall an app. Recurring app charges are generated the first time an app charge is approved, and then on the first day of the app's billing cycle. Because of this, a charge will appear on your bill even if you uninstall our app only a day or two after you install it.
  • No need to update us on any payment info changes (e.g Changing your paying credit card) - Cevoid is automatically updated once changes are made on Shopify's end.
  • Shopify will stop all future app charges from being triggered only once an app is removed from a store. This does not include any pending charge that has already been created.

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