Remove Cevoid code from your store

To remove the Cevoid code from your theme, please follow this guide.

First off: when you uninstall the Cevoid app our widgets will not be visible on your store. The code however is still there a part off your theme until you remove it.

Go to Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit code

Remove general Cevoid files

Locate the snippet folder and remove these two files:



Remove product page gallery

1. Locate the product-template.liquidproduct-template.liquid  file under sectioned templates

 The name of this file might differ for different themes.

2. Search for Cevoid
3. Remove Cevoid code snippet

this code might vary but it will always contain the name "Cevoid"

4. Press Save

Remove theme access

1. Locate the theme.liquid  file under Layout
2. Search and remove the following code snippet
3. Press Save

{% include 'cevoid_core' %}

Need help?

Do you need help removing the Cevoid code from your store? Please reach out to us in the chat or at and we will help you with this.

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