Behind the scenes

Use content from employees in a behind the scenes gallery

Give your customers an insight into what happens to make them feel like a part of your business. Who knows? A visitor might even be tempted to apply for a role at your company after seeing their potential co-workers?

Share a real view through the eyes of your coworkers and friends

Invite your employees to share pictures from behind the scenes and display them in a gallery on your about us page. You can also create galleries for staff events so that your co-workers can share their experiences on your internal website.

How it works

Invite your co-workers to share

Create a dedicated upload form for your co-workers where they can share

Create a gallery for your workplace

Create an interactive feed your co-worker's upload form as a source

Show what happens behind the scenes

Use your co-workers content to give your customers an insight into what happens behinds the scenes

device frame

Give your customers a chance to experience your awesome workplace

Show an employee gallery on your website and make your customers feel like a part of your company culture by showing them pictures from your co-worker's work life and events.

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