Product page galleries

Use UGC on your e-commerce product pages

Customers content on product pages is used to inspire new customers into making a purchase decision with the help of social proof from other customers.

Automatically pairs posts with product

Our product page gallery automatically detects what product is displayed and shows only UGC with that product in it.

How it works

Add a product tag

Simply add a product tag to each product that appears in the UGC you have collected

Automatically publish

Once approved, the UGC is automatically published to the relevant product pages

Ready to inspire new customers

Your product pages now have real life UGC of the specific product, ready to create social proof for new customers.

device frame

Show customers how products are styled in real life

  • Customers inspire each other with creativity, use and style
  • Auto product match and publish
  • Increase product page conversion

More inspiration

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