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We are experts on UGC, you are experts on build amazing E-commerce experiences and brands. Let’s join arms in creating the Shopping experiences of tomorrow!

Why Cevoid offers an agency partner program

Our goal is to help online stores succeed with content from their customers. We believe that one part of that is to work closely with those who build their websites and brands. By partnering with Cevoid you will have access to an innovative and easy-to-use UGC platform that integrates directly with the E-commerce solutions you are used to working with.

Cevoid’s promises to the agency partner program

Just share any of the links provided on the partner dashboard page with your merchants. When they click the link and install the app, the referral will be registered and show up in the 'Referrals' section with the status: Installed. When the customer pays for the app you referred them to (either one-time or recurring) then the referral will show as status: Converted and you will see the amount earned.

Incentives for agency partners

To show our appreciation for the work of our Agency Partners, we apply a revenue-sharing model. This way, there is a long-term joint interest in helping online stores succeed with User-Generated Content.

Want to know more about the Cevoid agency partner program?

Please reach out to Erik, who runs the Cevoid Agency Partner Program. Erik is one of Cevoid’s co-founders and has long experience in building websites and stores as a previous agency owner.

Start earning comission on every customer you refer.

Earn up to 15% commision of all payments from new customers you refer to Cevoid

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