Cevoid - UGC app for Shopify

Easy to install UGC app for Shopify that allows e-commerces to Collect, manage, and publish customers content on their store sites.

What is UGC?

UGC is short for User-generated content.

What is user-generated content?
User-generated content is content produced by the user or customer.

Can I use UGC on Shopify?
Of course! Cevoid has a low-price, high-quality Shopify app for UGC that is easy to install!

Cevoid is a service that allows businesses to collect, manage, and publish UGC on websites.
Cevoid focus is on visual content from customers i.e. pictures and videos from customers.
From the perspective of a brand, UGC can help to give the brand authenticity and a closer relationship with its customers.

Test the gallery demo below

Toggle between feed, slider and collage to see the different layouts you can use.

Try out the different galleries

How do Cevoid UGC service work?

  1. Invite customers to upload their product pictures on your website
  2. Approve or decline the uploaded pictures and tag the product in them
  3. The UGC will then be automatically published to a photo widget (Slider, Collage, or Feed) on your product pages (only those tagged in the picture).

Be creative with UGC!

If you want to be creative and set up a Feed with the UGC of your choosing we got you covered!

  1. Search your user-generated content in the Cevoid dashboard and pull them into a photo Collection
  2. Choose how you want to display the UGC: Feed? A Slider or a Collage?
  3. Copy a shortcode and paste in at the desired place!

With Cevoid it is easy to invite customers to share UGC

  1. Automatically send out an email invite three days after purchase (optional)
  2. Grab a dedicated link and share it on your own channels
  3. Grab a dedicated QR-code and use it in physical stores to collect UGC

Cevoid is an easy to install Shopify UGC app

The average setup for Shopify customers is just south of 5 minutes. No code writing needed, just integrate and you are ready to go!

Take a look at this setup link to see how you get started


Start your free account

We offer a free tier so that you can get started with collecting user-generated content. When you grow your brand and store, we grow with you!

YearlySave 20%
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Get started for free and upgrade as you grow.

  • 50 active posts
  • 1 collection
  • E-commerce integration
  • Easy to use invitations methods
  • Ready to use galleries
  • Public page
Get started for free!
per month billed annually

If you're getting started and want to try how Cevoid can fit your business model.

  • Everything in free
  • Everything from the free package
  • 1 000 active posts
  • Multiple accounts
  • Multiple approval levels
  • Unlimited collections
  • Editorial collections, collections with multiple sources
  • Dedicated get-started support
  • 24/7 Support
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For businesses who has and expects high volume traffic.

  • Everything in core
  • Everything from the core-package
  • 10 000 active posts
  • Dedicated Customer Success representative
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