New updates and improvements to Cevoid.

3 feb, 2022
Upload form & UX

New onboarding

We’ve improved our onboarding making it as easy as possible to get started with Cevoid, regardless of your role or tech experience. We also added some questions that will help us better understand the user and provide a better experience using Cevoid.

Multi-language and auto currency

We have now added support for multi-language and currency for Shopify stores.

Other than this we have also improved many of our guides and added some new ones to our help center.

Fixes and improvements

  • New onboarding
  • Updated remove page (available at https://upload.cevoid.com/data/remove)
  • Added option to change text and URL of the button in the “thank you” email.
  • Added contact email and domain to account settings.
  • Made product id searchable in the product search modal.
  • Added multi-language and currency for Shopify customers.
  • Fix issue where sometimes requested posts would show as not requested.
  • Fix styling bug that for some users made the posts view “shake”
  • Fix issue where filter buttons in galleries would break if the label has been removed.
  • Fix issue for Mystore customers that prevented them from connecting to their store.
  • Fix issue in Product search modal where some images would not show.
9 Dec, 2021
Upload form & UX

New upload forms and improved UX

Final month of the year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday is over which went by without any problems at all. Traffic was 50% higher than usual and we managed to server all our customers without a second of down time! 👏  Since last time we've done a very big update to our upload forms. We've sped up the time it takes to upload images and videos from start to finish by a lot and it should be a much fun experience for the customer to share!

New upload forms

Whats new?

  • ⭐️ Support for carousel images in upload forms
  • ⭐️ Total rebuild of upload forms
  • Added support for discounts in galleries for all customers usign Google Shopping feeds.
  • Added setting to determine if product links should open in same window or new tab
  • Made it easier to reconnect Instagram if connection was lost
  • Added option to hide product tags in gallery modal


  • Fix bug were users could create labels on all pricing plans
  • Added translation option for "Shop this look" text on post hover.
  • Updated the Swedish price format in galleries from SEK 499 to 499kr
  • Fix spacing bug in masonry grid gallery
  • Fix bug were Grid feed gallery loaded 1 to many posts on load more
  • Fix bug were some users could not att additional languages
  • Show correct team members limit
  • Fix bug were Instagram connections could not be updated, resulting in feeds that did not sync new images
25 Nov, 2021
Image processing & UX

New image processing and features

This week we have launched our new image processing. We've improved how we manage images for all our apps. This results in faster load times, better caching and better sized images. We've also added some new changes to galleries and done some UX improvements as usual.

filters for galleries

Whats new?

  • We have completely rewritten our image processing and changed image hosting
  • You can now create filtered galleries by labels
  • We have added caching to all galleries to decrease load times even more
  • Added more options to the google shopping feed identifier field such as gtin and mpn


  • Change how product page galleries work. We now determine what product page gallery to load depending on URL which should make it easier for merchants to integrate on their store.
  • Added background opacity option for the gallery modal
  • Added product-page gallery as block to Shopify 2.0 themes
  • Added the Cevoid script as a step in getting started for non Woocommerce and Shopify stores
  • Removed counts from add hashtag button
  • Minor UX fixes for requests


  • Fix bug in Instagram mentions where some videos would show up as blank
  • Fix bug in Shopify product sync that made it stop for some users
18 Nov, 2021

General improvements and some time to relax

This week has been a short although productive week. We decided to take some time off to rest up the team and do some fun activities together. We managed to squeeze in some bug fixes and improvements. We're also working on new integrations for other e-commerce platforms and new upload forms to make the experience faster and easier for customers.

Whats new?

  • Integration to Nordisk e-handel
  • Bulk upload for own images in the Cevoid panel


  • Change how product page galleries work. We now determine what product page gallery to load depending on URL which should make it easier for merchants to integrate on their store.
  • Added background opacity option for the gallery modal
  • Added product-page gallery as block to Shopify 2.0 themes
  • Added the Cevoid script as a step in getting started for non Woocommerce and Shopify stores
  • Removed counts from add hashtag button
  • Minor UX fixes for requests


  • Fix bug in Instagram mentions where some videos would show up as blank
  • Fix bug in Shopify product sync that made it stop for some users
  • Fixed a bug where the text was not visible on the preview of the post-purchase email
  • Fixed a bug around cropping for influencer uploads
  • Fixed a bug so that you can close snacks
11 Nov, 2021

General improvements week

This week we've been doing alot of maintenence and bugfixes around the platform. Nothing new this week. But we're working on some great stuff! 😎


  • Updated pricing plans
  • Add priority to manual uploads in our upload queue
  • Added the possibility to switch between plans during trial period without canceling the trail period
  • Email updated
  • Use the accounts accent color as primary color in email templates by default
  • Added fallback posts when there isn't enough UGC posts
  • Added step in getting started to enable post purchase emails.
  • Added more customization to emails, such as button texts and discount texts.
  • Added setting for modal background opacity
  • Added more customization to emails, such as button texts and discount texts.
  • Changed default colors in color picker
  • Made product search modal smaller
  • Rename incentive fields in settings
  • Remove the option to disable thank you emails since they contain important information for the person who is uploading.
  • Rename email history to Post-purchase email history
  • Made instagram connection error modal smaller


  • Fix bug when downloading content in bulk
  • Fix bug in fallback gallery that prevented it from showing correct content
  • Fixed bug where slider arrow navigation disappeared when selecting option "outside"
  • Fix bug in fallback gallery that prevented it from showing correct content
  • Fix bug in fallback gallery that prevented it from showing correct content
4 Nov, 2021

Big update: 4 new features and improvements

Every week right now feels like a big launch day at the moment. This week we've got a lot of new features ready for UGC merchants. We've also done our mandatory bug fix and general improvements round.


New features:

  • ⭐️ Markets - Support for multi-currency and multi-language.
  • ⭐️ Masonry feed layout for galleries
  • ⭐️ Incentives & Discounts - Give your customers that share content discounts
  • ⭐️ Post purchase emails - Ask your customers for UGC uploads after a purchase. Fully customizable!

General improvements:

  • Changed colors on request page to make the experience easier to understand
  • Improved sizes of text and elements for requests to make it more accessible for all types of screens
  • Changed tagged products in the popup to be scroll based instead of slider based
  • Added a message for the product page gallery when previewing products with no products to change to another product.
  • Collapsed completed todos on the Home page to make more room for other things!
  • Redesigned the post cards and made them smaller making it easer to work with if you have a smaller screen.
  • Added a quick tag button to the hover
  • Removed labels from on hover on posts
  • Improved some copy on the influencer invite link
  • Added Active / Draft to products so that merchants tag the correct products
  • Improved facebook error with more understandable tutorial links
  • New notifications for Instagram content!
  • Made the upgrade popup smaller to make it easier to navigate.


  • Fixed issues with video not displaying correctly for galleries
  • Fixed issues with loading more content in Even and Variable grids
  • Fixed an issue where the collage gallery changed images of all galleries on the same page
  • Fixed an issue with the admin uploader where images would not appear and just leave a small border.
28 Oct, 2021

Big update for galleries

What has changed? Almost everything, except for the layouts which still remain the same. Feeds have a new name and are today galled Grids. Collages and Sliders are still the same. The gallery designer has also gotten a huge remake. There were obvious flaws in the UX of how it worked earlier and should be easier to understand now. We've also created a short gallery wizard when creating custom galleries that help you get set up with the correct options depending on what kind of gallery you are building.

General imporvements:

  • We've also added the possibility to add fallback galleries if specific galleries have little or no content. Then simply set a fallback gallery that will activate and be displayed instead of the other one.
  • Content for the galleries now has its own tab in the side menu. Galleries often contain many more images and videos that can be displayed in the initial load of the gallery.
  • We've added post pinning so that you can lock the order of specific posts you really like. By default the newest posts are always displayed first. Before you could not force posts to be sticky at the top. But this is easily fixed now. Simply click the pin tag on a post and it will jump to the top of the gallery.

Changes for Grids:

  • Changed name from Feed to Grid
  • Grid have 2 different styles called Even and Variable. Variable grids have posts which are larger to make the viewing experience more enjoyable. Even grids are like the old feeds with an even row distribution.
  • Changed the responsive values for posts per rows
  • Added a value to change the number of rows so that you can build static and dynamic grids.
  • Option to disable the load more button

Changes for Collage:

  • Changed the layout to be more interesting
  • Changed the location of the upload button to fit in the collage instead of outside it.
  • The image switching is only enabled to the first image of the Collage. This was previously done on random to any image which could cause weird looks of bad switching. This experience should now be more consistent and better for conversion.
  • You are also able to disable the image switching if you wan to display the same images all the time.

Changes for Slider:

  • Fully rebuilt the sliding component to make it better and easier on both desktop and mobile. Test it out and feel the smoooooth smooth scrolling!
  • Added arrow navigation. You can change color, symbols and placement for them as well.

Changes to Posts:

  • We've now added 4 new style options to posts.
  • Tags - Displays the product tag on the post on hover
  • Product - Features the first product that was tagged on the post with detailed information about it
  • Social - Displays the username of the person who has created the post
  • Clean - Just the post, nothing else
  • We've added hover effects which work for the Social and Clean post layouts. These include a Zoom and two different overlay effects. More will come in the future!
  • Click behaviour. You can now change what happens when someone clicks a post. Do you want to open the popup, go straight to the product page or open the original source? It's all up to you!

Changes to Popup:

  • Changed the design of the popup
  • Added support for claps so that your customers can show appreciation to each other.
  • Able to decide which color the backdrop should have.
  • You can now decide if you want to hide the show the product tags in the popup.


Since one of the main reason for rebuilding our galleries was because we wanted to make the galleries more lightweight and fast we've done a lot of optimising. Our goal is always to serve the fastest galleries and have as little impact of your website as possible.

With that in mind we managed to remove unnecessary code and overhead and decreased the size of the script loaded on your website with roughly 62%. We've also enabled more aggressive caching which should make for MUCH faster loading speeds. In the case that a user has disabled cache in their browser we at least get a 62% speed up when loading our galleries which is a huge improvement from before.

We've also improved our image support and now load WEBP images for browsers that support it which loads images faster for modern browsers.

  • Changed the design of the popup
  • Added support for claps so that your customers can show appreciation to each other.
  • Able to decide which color the backdrop should have.
  • You can now decide if you want to hide the show the product tags in the popup.


  • Removed hover effects for galleries on mobile
  • Centered shop this look text for overlay center hover effect
  • Fix bug on the request page that prevented users from approving requests
  • Disable auto play on videos in the instagram explore view
  • Tagged posts from whitelisted influencers should now get imported once every day
  • Only show products that are "active" in galleries (Shopify)
  • Fix bug where requested videos showed as blank posts
21 Oct, 2021

Platform and buggfixes

We're currently hard at work with updating our gallery building experience, multi-language and multi-currency support which has taken up most of the time this week. However, we've identified some pain points and things that needed some love in the platform. Below are the changes we made!


  • Added a tag suggestion on the home page
  • Updated button styling slightly
  • Added a hierarchy to the integration platforms in getting started wizard
  • Improved UX for smaller screens in the getting started wizard
  • Added support for unicode characters when creating Instagram hashtags
  • Improved the UX of product search when tagging products and creating galleries
  • Added black and white as default colors to the color picker
  • Some text changes to make things easier to understand


  • Removed quick filter for Instagram if the account had no Instagram sources
14 Oct, 2021

Platform & Website

We are making it official, from now on we will publish a changelog every Thursday. This past week a lot has happened. Two major features and many platform improvements have been rolled out. The most exciting has to be our completely rebuilt galleries, as they are something we have wanted to improve for a long time. Another highly requested feature is the possibility to whitelist Instagram users. This way we can collect all tagged and mentioned posts from that user automatically.


  • ⭐️ New galleries with a 64% smaller file size and 50% faster load times
  • ⭐️ New gallery layouts!
  • ⭐️ Whitelisted influencers
  • Updated getting started wizard
  • New getting started todo-list on the dashboard
  • Updated signup/onboarding (select platform when account created)
  • Possible for customers to assign them self as a Whitelisted influencers
  • Performance fix regarding upload queue
  • Fetch username for tagged and mentioned posts (Instagram)
  • Updated posts view with quick filters for UGC, new posts, etc.
  • New settings navigation
  • Automatically add our Shopify section to older themes
  • Text updates
  • Remove back button when creating instagram hashtag
  • Remove "Displayed in" when exploring instagram posts
  • Updated all of our tutorials
  • Updated broken tutorial links
2 Sep, 2021

Platform & buggfixes


  • Added support for discount codes in billing
  • API access for Business and Enterprise customers
  • Fix bug on gallery edit page (Collage tried to render null when animating images)
  • Fix bug on product page gallery (Error when there was no tagged products)
27 August, 2021

Platform & Website

Two weeks since we got back and alot of things have already happened. Lots of improvements and new features have been rolled out We've also implemented a service wide 14 day trial program for all customers.


  • Find & Request: Collect content from Instagram @mentions, #hashtags and tagged posts.
  • Added a 14 day free trial to all paid plans
  • Updated our own website Check it out here
  • Added better integration and ux for getting started with a Woo Commerce store.
  • 3 new source types have been added: #hashtags, @mentions and tagged posts
  • 3 new source types have been added: #hashtags, @mentions and tagged posts
  • We upgraded the Instagram Basic API to their graph API to be able to fetch more data and to improve the quality of life for all store owners making the API connection better.
3 August, 2021

Time for some rest

We're going to take some vacation and well deserved rest! We'll be back in two weeks to keep updating! Whole of July we've been working on some pretty big stuff and can't wait to ship it to you once we get back, stay tuned!


  • Closed laptop
  • Sunglasses mode: ON
  • Changed location from the office to the beach!
24 June, 2021

Platform improvements and bugfixes

Last week we released a big upgrade to our platform. Naturally some bugs slip through. This week we've been hard at work fixing these and making small improvements to areas that we feel needed some more love.


  • Added a weekly summary email that is sent out to customers updating them on new posts being added from customers. Was easy to forget if something had happened earlier which made you miss out on new customer data.
  • Fixed a bug with sorting for newest and oldest whcih did not work correctly.
  • All colorpickers now can handle non-hex value input and should be easier to work with.
  • Upload call to action is now disabled by default
  • Added a 'Company uploads' source to differ uploads from customers and company uploaded posts.
  • Moved the video to
  • Improved the Google Login experience
  • Set the default interface theme to light mode instead of dark mode, even though we love it!
  • You can now use a space in your username
  • Added the possibility to add and remove labels in the bulk selector!
  • Added a function to select all posts in the post view.
  • You can now view the original Instagram posts from the post page in the platform. This enables for further investigation of post.
  • Set customer name instead of anonymous
  • Changed profile pictures to display an Instagram logo if the post is from Instagram.
  • Can now download multiple posts using the bulk select.
  • Fileters are now cleared when leaving certain pages to not confuse users that there are no posts when visiting other post based pages.
  • Added Sentry to track front-end errors and bugs more easily to solve issues proactivley.
  • Added possibility to add new tags in the the tag popup for a quicker workflow.
  • Implemented a brand new help center and added more tutorials in the admin panel to guide users on all things UGC.
  • Colorpicker for labels generate a random color to add some randomness to the colors used.
  • Added gallery product preview images on hover.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed better error handling pages so users can get back to work faster if something happends
  • Fixed a bug with sorting for newest and oldest whcih did not work correctly.
  • Hourly Instagram data sync now works correctly.
  • Changed name on Tagged products to be easier to understand
  • Tags for development stores now display correctly
  • Removed gallery did not disappear from pages where the code was emebeded. This is now working correctly.
  • All products should now display under the tag prooducts view.
  • Fixed a bug where the collage did not change pictures correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where users got stuck in the final step of the getting started tutorial.
  • Fixed a bug where the gallery said that there were always changes even though no changes had been made.
  • Cron jobs should now be more reliable and stable when running
  • Last synced posts should now be displayed per workspace and not account specific.
  • Minimized the upload a post text for call to action in galleries on mobile.
  • Fixed a bug where install on new theme did not work.
  • Fixed a bug with shopify that edited theme files everytime the customer logged into Cevoid. This does not happen any more and does not generate messages in the Shopify admin panel.
  • Corrected some help center links that linked to old website.
  • Added a fix for long product names on the new gallery product preview cards.
17 June, 2021

Major update: Brand new platform!

The day is finally here. Our brand new admin platform has been released to the public after alot of work and testing. All customers should now see the improved platform when they visit app.cevoid.com. Below you will find a detailed list of all the changes that has been made compared to the old version.

All major changes:

  • Fully revamped the logic, design and UX of the platform
  • Sources: Connect any available source and collect content from that instance. This can for example be an instagram account, custom upload form and in the near future: Google drive folders, instagram hashtags and much more.
  • Galleries: Now work and contain different content from each other and can customized individually aswell. This change adds alot of flexibility to how crative you can be when building gallerie to display on your website.
  • Filters: We've added many filters for all types of attributes so that you can find what you're looking for easier and faster.
  • Settings has been fully rebuilt and moved to a separate section to prevent confusion of what can be mofifed where.
  • Labels: You can now label and categories all your content using the fully custom labels. Labels can be used to categories product categories or something like a campaign name.
  • Improved the tagging and caption editing to make it easier to find which products you want to tag in your posts.
  • Added sorting in the platform so that you can change which posts to display first when you're working.
  • Again, improved the onboarding experience for new customers to make it easier to get started with collection UGC.
  • Auto import for Instagram content. The sync is now done once every day for customers on the free plan and once every hour for our paid plans.
  • Auto import of Shopify products, The sync is now done once every day.
  • Added bulk editor support so that you can work faster and waste less time on repeating tasks. Bulk tools that are available now are: Change status, Tag products, change caption and download which lets you download any image or video posts so that you can use the content anywhere you want to.
15 May, 2021

Minor updates and bugfixes

We are currently hard at work with a rebuild of the platform and how we will allow all users to manage and collect their content much more efficiently. During this time we've still fixed some buggs and minor issues on the platform but will focus the majority of our time on the new launch. Stay tuned!

Detailed list of updates:

  • Updated terms of service for better handling of content from Instagram and Facebook.
  • Improvements of caching for galleries on store websites for faster loading.
  • Fixed bug with video posts which made it impossible to remove video posts.
  • Improved general styling for galleries. Some of the most popular themes for Shopify collided with our styling which hid the upload call-to-action. This is now resolved.
10 April, 2021

Updates and bugfixes

This month we have been seeing alot of positive feedback regarding the new upload experince. The general time to upload has been decreased since before. We have made some bugfixes regarding the uploading step which was caused by some browsers.

14 March, 2021

Instagram video!

We have added support for Instagram video! Automatic instagram syncs now also import your videos and display them in your galleries. If you want to try this new feature, sync your instagram posts again and you should now see the videos under unlisted posts.

13 March, 2021

More customisation and a better upload experience

In this update we've listened to a lot of customer feedback and what you all have requested in terms of features! We've added more customisation to the galleries and added language support so that the galleries and upload form can match the language of the website. We've also made a huge overhaul to the upload experience which should now be much smoother for the people uploading content to your store. The public uploading page also got a completely new design and layout which should feel much more engaging and easier to use.

Detailed list of updates:

  • Added the possibility to hide the call to action box in all different galleries if you don't feel like collecting content from your customers on site.
  • Added support for call to action placement. You're able to decide if you want to place the call to action box at the start or end of your galleries.
  • Added translation options for the galleries and upload forms! We now support:
    • English
    • Swedish
    • Spanish
    • German
    • French
    • Danish
    • Portugese
    • If your language is not on the list and you wish to add it, send a mail to info@cevoid.com with your desired language and we'll add support for it.
  • Updated the design for all setting pages to make them more uniform, easier to understand and use
  • Added a settings page for the upload form where you can change all texts and the branding to match your websites.
  • Changed the public upload page and made it more engaging for customer and integrated the new upload form to it.
17 February, 2021

More features and better customization

The last two weeks we have been focusing on listening to what our customers want and feel that they are missing with the galleries. We therefore added alot of customization to the galleries to make it easier for everyone to make the Cevoid galleris match their website.

Detailed list of updates:

  • Added a feature for Gallery settings which enable customers to hide the Cevoid branding
  • Added language support and translations in galleries for Swedish, Spanish, Portugese, Danish, German and French. You can now choose which language you want the gallery to appear in on your website.
  • Call-to-action customization and styling. You can now change the text, color and appearence of the call-to-aciton box inside the galleries.
  • Improved the 'Display a gallery' page to be more welcoming and simple to use.
  • Added the Cevoid head script in store settings for manual installation purposes.
  • It is now possible to have a period in your username.
  • Improved image optimization for all galleries and product images to speed up the galleries.
  • Added a load more spinner for the feed when loading more images.
  • Improved gallery load speeds by approximatley 30%
  • Increased the size of products displayed in the popup for mobile devices.
  • General UI, UX and responsive improvements in the admin panel.
  • Fixed social media linking inside the shoppable popup window to visit users and companies instagram profile.
  • Fixed a bug with the collage gallery that created a glitch when there were to few images.
6 February, 2021

Start of 2021, what's new?

Since our launch we've seen many store owners and entrepeneurs use our app and we've gotten alot of feedback from everyone which has been very valuable! The changes that we're released today include a total rebuild of the onboarding experience for our Shopify customers. Prior we had a checklist for our setup which was quite frankly very tedious and hard to understand for alot of people. The new 'getting started' guide for all new owners should be much more intuitive and better prepare stores for the content that the stores can be filled with.

Detailed list of updates:

  • Total rebuild of Getting started.
  • Changed the displaying of prices to the correct formatting for US stores to periods for decimal values.
  • New guides in the help center to help new store owners getting setup and installing the galleries.
  • Changed the name 'Widgets' to 'Galleries' in the whole platform, which is easer to understand.
  • Added a modal in the settings/store which Shopify stores can use to install Cevoid on secondary themes.
  • Added translations for the widget to: spanish, german, french and swedish. These translations are active if the users browser is set to that specific language, otherwise it defaults to english.
  • Added a button to report innaproriate content on desktop as well as in mobile.
  • Changed the menu structure to make it more easy on the eyes and easier to use.
  • Added support for stores that are still in development to be able to link to product preview links.
29 November, 2020

What's new?

In the last update we have worked and updated the following features.

  • Added support for products in gallery generator
  • Changed layout in gallery generator
  • Added Thumbnail gallery in gallery generator
22 November, 2020

What's new?

In the last update we have worked and updated the following features.

  • Update invite generator
  • Auto import products when installing Shopify gallery
  • Added another step in Getting started for adding gallery to your site
  • Show notifications in sidebar if actions is required for untagged posts and unlisted posts
  • Better support for Woocommerce stores in getting started
  • Built a gallery builder to make it easier to generate correct shortcodes for diffeent types of galleries with different sources of content, straight from your data-sources.

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