New updates and improvements to Cevoid.

14 March, 2021

Instagram video!

We have added support for Instagram video! Automatic instagram syncs now also import your videos and display them in your galleries. If you want to try this new feature, sync your instagram posts again and you should now see the videos under unlisted posts.

13 March, 2021

More customisation and a better upload experience

In this update we've listened to a lot of customer feedback and what you all have requested in terms of features! We've added more customisation to the galleries and added language support so that the galleries and upload form can match the language of the website. We've also made a huge overhaul to the upload experience which should now be much smoother for the people uploading content to your store. The public uploading page also got a completely new design and layout which should feel much more engaging and easier to use.

Detailed list of updates:

  • Added the possibility to hide the call to action box in all different galleries if you don't feel like collecting content from your customers on site.
  • Added support for call to action placement. You're able to decide if you want to place the call to action box at the start or end of your galleries.
  • Added translation options for the galleries and upload forms! We now support:
    • English
    • Swedish
    • Spanish
    • German
    • French
    • Danish
    • Portugese
    • If your language is not on the list and you wish to add it, send a mail to with your desired language and we'll add support for it.
  • Updated the design for all setting pages to make them more uniform, easier to understand and use
  • Added a settings page for the upload form where you can change all texts and the branding to match your websites.
  • Changed the public upload page and made it more engaging for customer and integrated the new upload form to it.
17 February, 2021

More features and better customization

The last two weeks we have been focusing on listening to what our customers want and feel that they are missing with the galleries. We therefore added alot of customization to the galleries to make it easier for everyone to make the Cevoid galleris match their website.

Detailed list of updates:

  • Added a feature for Gallery settings which enable customers to hide the Cevoid branding
  • Added language support and translations in galleries for Swedish, Spanish, Portugese, Danish, German and French. You can now choose which language you want the gallery to appear in on your website.
  • Call-to-action customization and styling. You can now change the text, color and appearence of the call-to-aciton box inside the galleries.
  • Improved the 'Display a gallery' page to be more welcoming and simple to use.
  • Added the Cevoid head script in store settings for manual installation purposes.
  • It is now possible to have a period in your username.
  • Improved image optimization for all galleries and product images to speed up the galleries.
  • Added a load more spinner for the feed when loading more images.
  • Improved gallery load speeds by approximatley 30%
  • Increased the size of products displayed in the popup for mobile devices.
  • General UI, UX and responsive improvements in the admin panel.
  • Fixed social media linking inside the shoppable popup window to visit users and companies instagram profile.
  • Fixed a bug with the collage gallery that created a glitch when there were to few images.
6 February, 2021

Start of 2021, what's new?

Since our launch we've seen many store owners and entrepeneurs use our app and we've gotten alot of feedback from everyone which has been very valuable! The changes that we're released today include a total rebuild of the onboarding experience for our Shopify customers. Prior we had a checklist for our setup which was quite frankly very tedious and hard to understand for alot of people. The new 'getting started' guide for all new owners should be much more intuitive and better prepare stores for the content that the stores can be filled with.

Detailed list of updates:

  • Total rebuild of Getting started.
  • Changed the displaying of prices to the correct formatting for US stores to periods for decimal values.
  • New guides in the help center to help new store owners getting setup and installing the galleries.
  • Changed the name 'Widgets' to 'Galleries' in the whole platform, which is easer to understand.
  • Added a modal in the settings/store which Shopify stores can use to install Cevoid on secondary themes.
  • Added translations for the widget to: spanish, german, french and swedish. These translations are active if the users browser is set to that specific language, otherwise it defaults to english.
  • Added a button to report innaproriate content on desktop as well as in mobile.
  • Changed the menu structure to make it more easy on the eyes and easier to use.
  • Added support for stores that are still in development to be able to link to product preview links.
29 November, 2020

What's new?

In the last update we have worked and updated the following features.

  • Added support for products in gallery generator
  • Changed layout in gallery generator
  • Added Thumbnail gallery in gallery generator
22 November, 2020

What's new?

In the last update we have worked and updated the following features.

  • Update invite generator
  • Auto import products when installing Shopify gallery
  • Added another step in Getting started for adding gallery to your site
  • Show notifications in sidebar if actions is required for untagged posts and unlisted posts
  • Better support for Woocommerce stores in getting started
  • Built a gallery builder to make it easier to generate correct shortcodes for diffeent types of galleries with different sources of content, straight from your data-sources.

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