Collect UGC for your

Collect, manage and display user-generated content easily for your e-commerce, event or website.

Shoppable galleries with social media integration.

Cevoids shoppable feeds, sliders and galleries are created to engage your customers in a new type of visual shopping experience. Create customizable galleries and shorten the pathway to purchases by making customer photos shoppable. Fully customizable.

Increase conversion with user-generated content.

Encourage customers to submit photos directly on your website or after purchases have been made with follow up emails. After thar you can moderate with ease and take full control of the photos you display on your pages and products.

Easy to use galleries. Feeds, slides, collages.

  • Fully customizeable appearance, with or without code
  • Fully translated to fit your audience and country
  • Create collections based on different attributes with editorial collections, get creative with it!

Test the gallery demo below

Toggle between feed, slider and collage to see the different layouts you can use.

Try out the different galleries

Automatic installation and integration to e-commerce platforms

Cevoid has an auto installer for Shopify and Woocommerce and we're planning on building more auto install integrations soon! If your shop runs a system we do not support, hit us up and we'll help you.

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