Social commerce on your store

Collect content from customers. Display it on your store. Inspire new customers.

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Why brands love our service

Include content from all your customers

Invite influencers and influencers-to-be to share via Instagram. Provide those who don’t want to share in social media with custom branded upload forms.

Correct rights management

We secure the rights to use your customers content and make sure data is handled correctly from start to finish. Request and secure the rights to use your customer photos and videos with just a few clicks

Find and explore content from Instagram

Let customers help with creating content. Search your favorite #hashtags, @mentions and content you're tagged in to connect directly with all the creators who create content around your brand.

Convert with strong social proof

Cevoid allows you to create shoppable galleries and showcase UGC on all parts of your store, everything from shoppable instagram feeds and product galleries to shop the look cards and popups. Display content that converts everywhere!

Easy to change design to match your theme

We know that brands you need all integrations and visual elements to match your themeing and aestethics. In the gallery section you can easily change the design and feel of your galleries, without know any code.

The UGC tool you'll enjoy using

Robust. Fast to navigate. Approve and find posts in seconds. Add product tags, labels and create custom galleries within our platform.


Was incredibly easy to install and linkup with our instagram. Easy to tag products and embed galleries on our store and product pages. Most importantly though, wonderful cooperating developing team, who actually cares about their customers needs and suggestions! Wonderful to work with!

Integrates directly with your platform

We're working on more integrations all the time. If your shop runs on a platform we currently do not support, hit us up and we'll help you.


Join over 2,000+ stores that already use the power of UGC.

Build a real community, inspire customers and increase conversions. All in the same platform.

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