We offer a free tier so that you can get started with collecting user-generated content. When you grow your brand and store, we grow with you!

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Get started for free and upgrade as you grow.

  • 20 active posts
  • Cevoid upload form
  • Instagram feed Gallery
  • All Posts Gallery
  • Product page gallery
  • Daily Instagram sync
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If you're getting started and want to try features out!

  • 100 active posts
  • 2 custom galleries
  • 2 custom upload form
  • Change gallery language
  • Daily Instagram sync
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For businesses who wants to use the full suite of features!

  • 1000 active posts
  • 10 custom galleries
  • 10 custom upload form
  • Labels
  • Video posts
  • Hourly Instagram sync
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per month billed annually

For businesses who are ready to scale!

  • Unlimited active posts, custom galleries, and upload forms
  • Hourly Instagram sync
  • Remove Cevoid branding
  • Dedicated Customer success agent
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Frequently asked questions

What is the setup time?
Cevoid is built to provide a tool that you can implement and use without a dependency of our employees (We are of course there for you when you want us to help out). Most of our customers can easily be up and running, collection and publishing UGC within 30 minutes after registration. If you need help getting started we are here for you, just reach out to us in the support chat in the lower right corner.
Who owns the content?
The uploader own their content but confer us the right to use it. When they want to pull back their post can easily do this trough Cevoid. When their post are active at Cevoid they provides Cevoid and you with the right to use their content within Cevoids galleries.
Are social media account needed to upload content?
No, there is no need to use a social media account, but of course possible, to share content from social media accounts . We believe that some people don’t always want to use their social media account when integrating with Events and companies and therefore offer both alternatives.
Can we use our visitors content outside Cevoids galleries?
By defualt the simple answer is no. To make it posible to pull back the users content when they want to the content can only be used within Cevoids services. If the uploader, in the upload process, opt in for you to able to share the content on your social media you will be allowed to do that.
Whats in it for our visitors?
Besides the relation you and your visitors improve with UGC your users also get, if they want to, exposure to their preferred social media account.
Do you install any scripts on the website when installed?
When installing Cevoid for either Shopify or Woocommerce we insert a small script in your head which seaches for galleries to mount. The script is less than 1Kb and does not affect your websites performance.

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