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Cevoid announces pre-seed round and further steps

Cevoid announces pre-seed round and further steps toward building the future of community marketing for e-commerce brands.

Totte Jönsson

The Nordic SaaS platform Cevoid was launched in August 2021 to help brands turn their customers into their most important marketing resource. By including all parts of the brand's community in their storytelling, brands can build a community of creators and enable a new level of engagement around the brand.

In less than a year, Cevoid has made it super easy to collect and showcase User-Generated Content (UGC) and removed the need for complex enterprise solutions for UGC. 

The founding team has bootstrapped Cevoid's initial journey and has gained interest from customers in 22 counties, including brands such as Kotn, Nudient, Icebug, BGA, and Rockett St George.

"Moving forward, we are excited to grow the Cevoid platform with tools to engage the brands' communities and reward active advocates. This way, brands will be able to interact with their creator community in a completely new way and take further steps towards true community-driven marketing."
- Totte Jönsson, Co-founder & CEO Cevoid

To boost this journey, Cevoid raised a pre-seed round led by ACVC that was closed on June 23rd.

"Building a platform that can support the shift in UGC and community marketing is a huge opportunity, and Cevoid is leading the way. We are happy to partner with the highly committed Cevoid team together with a group of strong investors."
-Jacob Gustafsson, ACVC

Backing Cevoid is a mix of noteworthy Investors, founders, and executives from companies such as Izettle, Heep, Humble, Fyndiq, BGA, and Grebban. Their expertise will benefit Cevoid's mission to become the leading Community marketing platform for e-commerce brands!

"In a time where high trust and believability in marketing is the new black, Cevoid brings a strong team, a strong vision and a strong market fit in their product enabling community marketing. At NXS Ventures we’re really happy to be a part of the exciting journey to come!"
- Magnus Lundin, Founder NXS Ventures

Cevoid will allocate the raised capital to grow the team and boost marketing activities. We are now looking for world-class developers and marketers that want to join the team and realize our vision. If this is you, please apply here!

For more information, please contact

Totte Jönsson, Co-founder & CEO @ Cevoid
+46 727 32 01 31

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