Short-form video and Reels 📹

Our latest UGC update includes support for short-form video uploads and Reels

Totte Jönsson

Earlier, brands have been able to use Instagram video posts from the IG feed, #hasthtags, and posts that they have been tagged or mentioned in.

Just a few weeks back, we added support for Reels and are now excited to announce that all of our direct upload channels also support short-form videos!

Consumers love it, and brands love it more!

As attention spans continue to shorten, capturing consumers' attention becomes more challenging. That's where short-form content can help. 

Short-form videos have been our customers' most requested Cevoid feature in 2022. This is not a surprise since 85% of marketers say short-form videos are the most effective format.

Let's walk through how brands can collect short-form videos through Cevoid and include it in their UGC widgets!


All Reels can be found in the same Inboxes as Instagram feed posts.

Like regular Instagram posts, you can access Reels by sending rights requests and whitelisting Influencers.

Supported sources:

  • Mentions
  • Tagged
  • Hashtags
  • The brand's IG Feed

Direct uploads for UGC Short-form videos

You can now invite your community to upload UGC short-form videos directly to your Cevoid account. 

Supported sources:

  • On-site uploads
  • Customer upload forms
  • Influencer uploads
  • In-house uploads

Supported formats:
We convert all videos to MP4 to ensure support for all browsers.

But your creators don't need to worry about that since they can upload in the most popular formats.  

  • .MP4
  • .MOV
  • .M4V

Time limit:

The short-form video format is often between 10 seconds and 2 minutes, but we also see a rising trend of longer short-form videos. 

To ensure that we are not limiting the creativity of your community, we have set an initial time limit for videos to 10 minutes. 

UGC Short-form videos on your website

All Cevoid galleries support short-form videos, and they are naturally blended with other UGC posts in the gallery. 

This means you can include product-related UGC short-form videos on your product pages, inspiration wall, and all other UGC galleries on your website. 

Auto-play settings for the UGC galleries

The default setting for all galleries is that videos will auto-play.

You can always change this in the gallery styling settings.

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