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Who partners with Cevoid?

We want to partner with companies that help merchants succeed in everyday e-commerce. If you're an e-commerce platform, service provider, web agency or social media strategiest you're a perfect match with us.

Our partners

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Why partner with Cevoid?

Social content from customers when added on merchants stores add lots of value to stores of all sizes. One of the main components in selling products as a merchants is to create a trustworthy image of your brand. With the help of UGC, your customers can help you with that. However, managing rights to the content and discovering it can be very time-consuming. With Cevoid's easy-to-use platform you can get set up and start collecting and displaying content right from your customers withtin minutes.

All the features you need to run successful UGC marketing

Designed for ease of mind for stores of any size.

Shoppable galleries
Inspire customers and increase conversion with images tagged with your products.
Collect content straight from @mentions, #hashtags and tags.
Whitelist influencers
Automatically recieve content from influencers you work with daily.
Country specific currency and language for multi-market brands.
Rights management
We secure rights for the content and make sure it's correctly.
Team seats
Collaborate as a team and work together in your workspace.

Want to become a partner?

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