Add User-generated content to Shopify Dawn in under 30 seconds

How Cevoid's Shopify app integrates with the new Dawn theme and other ​Online Store 2.0 themes and makes it possible to add UGC galleries on all store pages

Totte Jönsson

Yesterday Shopify made their new theme Dawn available for all Shopify merchants. The Dawn theme is a minimalistic theme that allows the usage of sections and blocks on all store pages.

We have updated Cevoid's Shopify app to work seamlessly with the new theme architecture. This allows all Shopify merchants using Dawn or other Online Store 2.0 themes to add User-generated galleries as sections and blocks on ALL store pages.
The best part, it takes almost no time at all!

What are Shopify Online Store 2.0 themes and Shopify Dawn theme?

It is fair to say that Shopify's new theme solution included in Online Store 2.0 is a major update. It will make it possible for even more entrepreneurs to build the e-commerce success stories of tomorrow.

The major change with Shopify's new themes is that stores can be built completely with interactive sections and blocks and thus removes the need of changing any code manually. On earlier themes, now called Vintages themes, sections were only available on the home page.

The sections and blocks make it possible to customize all pages and to include apps from the Shopify app store, once again without editing any code.

The Dawn theme is Shopify's own theme that supports Shopify Online Store 2.0. The Dawn theme is available for free for all Shopify merchants.

How do Cevoid's UGC platform and Shopify app work?

The Cevoid UGC platform allows you to collect, manage photos and videos from your customers and to showcase them on your Shopify store in shoppable galleries.

Collect photos and videos from your customers with Cevoid

  • Invite customers to share in branded upload forms
  • Track Instagram hashtags, mentions, and tags. Send rights requests to the posts you want to feature in your UGC galleries
  • Add the store's Instagram feed

Mange the collected UGC with Cevoid

  • Approve posts to auto-publish to your UGC galleries (auto-approval available)
  • Add product tags to the posts to make them shoppable in galleries

Showcase UGC on your Shopify store with Cevoid

  • Embed interactive UGC galleries
  • Change gallery styling and layout to match your brand and pages
  • All galleries are ready to be added as sections or blocks, without any coding
  • Default UGC galleries for Product pages, Instagram Feed, and All posts
  • Build custom galleries and decide what UGC should be showcased

Cevoid's Shopify app for User-generated content

Our updated Shopify app has full support for sections and blocks and can be added to all your pages. The Product page gallery is a dynamic gallery that automatically updates the gallery's content to show UGC posts of the specific product.

Cevoid's Shopify app for Visual UGC is available with a free trial here.

Embed UGC galleries on Shopify Dawn store in under 30 seconds

WIth Shopify Dawn and other Shopify Online Store 2.0 themes, Cevoid galleries can be added to any page as a section or a block.
Our sections and blocks also allow you to add a title and paragraph. It is also possible to edit the size, color, and alignment of these, all within the Shopify theme editor. You can read more on how to add Cevoid galleries with Shopify sections here.

This means that you will be able to add UGC galleries, with matching a title and description, to your Shopify store in under 30 seconds.

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