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Unlock the creativity of your community

Create missions, run competitions and reward those contributing most to your brand

Goodbye to one-way communication and unengaged customers

Your team spends millions acquiring new customers, all while those who already love your products and know about your brand are left unengaged.

Step into the era of community engagement

Enable a community where loyal customers and influencers come together and share their input, inspire each other and help your brand grow.


Create a hundred ways to stay engaged

Share engaging missions and run competitions that make your community excited

Choose participants
Easy segmentation
Choose participants
Share missions with selected members, segments, or the whole community
Prepare the mission brief
Bulletproof briefs
Prepare the mission brief
Align participants on things to keep in mind and share inspiration
Select tasks to complete
Smooth tasks
Select tasks to complete
List creative and fun tasks into a user-friendly mission workflow

Simple to set up. Easy to complete.

Select from a wide range of engaging tasks

Upload photos and videos
Gather inspirational content from customers and influencers
What do you prefer?
Structure multiple-choice questions and run polls
Write a text
Gather style tips, make-up tutorials or recipes
Share on social media
Encourage members to spread their brand love on social media
Tell the community more about you
Gather relevant info and display it alongside their content
Follow on social media
Grow your audience on the platforms where you're active
Check-in at our store
Create QR codes for in-person happenings
Go bananas! 🍌
Create custom tasks based on your team's creativity

Endless mission inspiration

Get inspired and save time with pre-built mission templates for any situation

Weekly Instagram post
Post a video or photo of the products you received in our latest collaboration and mention our brand
Photo of the month
Submit your best photo when using any of our products
Video of the year
Submit your best video when using any of our products
Advent calendar unboxing video
Post a video when you unbox our advent calendar and show what’s inside!
Upcoming product feedback
We are looking for input on our next product line vote for colours and styles to be able to contribute to our next drop
Share your TikTok handle
Share your TikTok handle with the community
Tell us more about you
Share some info about yourself so that we can get to know you better
Halloween make-up routine
Share a video and a step-by-step text guide to your Halloween make-up routine

Reward engagement with ease

Give extra incentives to anyone completing a mission, or bundle stunning benefits into a grand prize for the winners of your upcoming challenge

Digital badges
Displayed next to the member's name in widgets
Discount codes
Distribute discount codes automatically
Free shipping
Give an extra reason to make the next purchase
Custom rewards
Create your own rewards, such as event invitations or gifting

Built to fit your brand

Create a community program that aligns with your brand strategy

Easily embed missions on your website for a native experience
Set your brand's colors, fonts and styling to make it feel like home
Translate your missions and tasks to make it easy for everyone to join
Free to join program
Free to join program
Build a full-scale community program by inviting everyone to join and participate
Invite-only program
Invite-only program
Create a more exclusive experience by restricting access to selected parts of your community

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