Influencer Content Hub

Cevoid's new Influencer Content Hub makes it easy for brands to collect Influencer-Generated Content and to showcase it on their website

Totte Jönsson

Today, Cevoid is launching an Influencer Content Hub on our platform.
This tool was suggested by our customers and is meant to help brands with:

  • Make it easy for brands to collect and manage visual content from Influencers and brand ambassadors
  • Make it easy for Influencers and brand ambassadors to continuously share visual content in bulk with the brand.
  • Make it possible for brands to showcase influencer-Generated Content on their website.

By including this feature in the Cevoid platform, we allow brands to combine Influencer-Generated Content with UGC from their customers (User-Generated Content) in inspiring galleries and pages on their websites.

How brands can collect content from Influencers

The Influencer Content Hub allows merchants to create dedicated upload pages for their influencers and brand ambassadors.

When invited, the influencer a link to their dedicated page which they can access through email login. This page provides the influencer with an easy-to-use tool to continuously share content directly from their photo albums and Instagram Feed.

The influencer can bulk upload up to 20 posts. They can also crop each post and add captions. This allows the influencer to efficiently share personalized content with the brand.

Content that the brand has received through the Influencer Content Hub can be downloaded, categorized, and of course, used in Cevoid's galleries on the brand's website.

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