Integration through Public API & Google Shopping Feed

Cevoid platform for Visual UGC now supports integration through our public API and with Google Shopping Feeds

Totte Jönsson

We're excited to announce that we are opening access to our public API for merchants to access Cevoid's UGC platform and all content. This is perfect for merchants that run a headless setup or want to build a custom UGC experience for your customers. At the same time, we are launching the possibility to integrate through Google Shopping feed XMLs. That way you can easily sync your product data without doing any extra work.

With these integrations, we are making Cevoid's platform for Visual UGC available to the majority of merchants around the world.

Cevoid allows brands to collect content from all parts of their community, through channels that suit the customers the best. The collected content can then be used in a variety of interactive galleries to inspire new customers.

Public API

  • Access ready to use UGC galleries
  • Use our styling tools or your custom CSS styling
  • Access a galleries posts and build your own galleries and UGC experience.
  • Send API requests to receive posts for a specific product or category.

Google Shopping Feeds

If we do not offer direct integration with your E-commerce platform, you will now be able to use the Cevoid platform for Visual UGC. By adding Google Shopping Feeds you will be able to display shoppable product tags in your UGC posts and access Product page galleries.

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