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Content library for ecommerce brands

Effortlessly organize content and make it available at the fingertips of your marketing team


Always find the exact content you’re looking for

Mix and match different filters to find the photos and videos you access and work with

Product filter
Posts tagged with specific products
Category filter
Posts from a product category
Brand filter
Posts from selected brands
Label filter
Posts with selected labels
Member filter
Posts from specific members
Role filter
Posts from members with assigned role
Media type filter
Video or image posts
Source filter
Posts from a particular source
Product Tags

Highlight each product

Tag products in any post to make it shoppable and available for product and category-specific galleries


Group content any way you want

Add custom labels to selected content pieces to showcase them in a dedicated gallery or filter


One click to make the most out of your content

Approve to showcase
Approve to showcase
Get approved posts showcased instantly for maximum impact
Download content
Download content
To use collected content outside of Cevoid, download it
Bulk Actions

Work efficiently in the library

Save time by taking action on several posts at once

Videos and images
Add/remove labels
Categorize content
Hide captions
Remove unwanted text
Select what to display
Schedule to Instagram
Plan months ahead
Copy to another workspace
For larger organizations

Start organizing your community’s content in an ecommerce-focused content library

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