Email widgets

Up your email game with UGC

Easily embed stunning content in your email flows and inspire your audience every day

The preferred choice for industry leaders
Nordic Nest
Lo & sons
Pen Store
Static email widgets

Include social proof in your emails

Handpick user-generated content to newsletters, welcome messages, and other marketing emails for social proof and inspiration

Dynamic email widgets

Dynamically updated content for each email

Automatically display relevant and fresh content for abandoned cart, post-purchase, and other emails

  • Show product-specific UGC
  • Display your latest Instagram posts
  • Get content auto-updated for each email

Personalize email widgets with ease

Adapt email widgets to fit your brand and campaigns

Customizable layout
Create a custom grid with multiple UGC or a single photo
Easy to style
Adjust the ratios, spacing corners, and other details
Display post info
Show product names, prices, or social media handles if you’d like

Add UGC to emails in a matter of clicks

Choose from single-photo cards and grid templates, or create your own to match your brand’s visual identity

Easy to embed
Easy to embed
Copy and paste HTML snippets to add UGC widgets to emails
Made for all markets
Made for all markets
Choose a specific market for each of your UGC email widgets

Take your marketing emails further with Cevoid

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