Bring your event to life

Invite your visitors to share their experience, from pre-event to summit and all the magic that happens between. Approve or decline the submitted content and auto-publish it straight to the galleries on your website.

Try out the different galleries

Review before publication

Some UGC are not suitable for your brand, therefore Cevoid provides you with an easy to use interface for approving or declining content before publication. Set up approval levels or concentrate the approvals to one account, whatever fits your team the best.

Invite your visitors and customers to share their experience

Invite your audience through a Collection-dedicated Link or QR-code, whatever suits your need the best right now.

Users will be able to upload content and will be invited to create an account at Cevoid which allows them to create a user profile, include links to their social media and much more.

Show off your awesome UGC on your website

Select which galleries to use where on your website, choose from Feed, Slider and Collage. All the code needed is ready and super simple to install, just copy and paste and watch the magic happen!

  • Perfect for large events
  • Races and competitions
  • Teams and fans

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