Woocommerce Community wall

Build a Community wall for a WooCommerce store, where customers inspire customers

Create a community wall on your WooCommerce store where your customers can share pictures and inspire each other. This is a perfect space for building a community around your brand and to achieve Social commerce on a WooCommercec store.

Create a community wall on your store

How it works

Invite your customers

Invite your customers to share through a Cevoid upload form, via Instagram, or directly on your WooCommerce community wall page.

Create a label and community gallery

Add a community label to the posts you want to appear and use that as a content source for a new gallery.

Inspire customers with your community wall

Embed your community gallery to a separate page on your WooCommerce. Your customers can now spend their time looking for inspiration from other customers.

Social commerce through UGC

  • Collect UGC right on your store
  • Build a community for your brand
  • Customers help you create content
  • Great source of inspiration and social proof
  • UGC plugin for WooCommerce

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