Collect content from your brand community

Easily collect UGC from your customers, influencers, employees, and other members of your brand community

The preferred choice for industry leaders
Nordic Nest
Lo & sons
Pen Store

Import UGC from Instagram

Explore and collect content where your brand has been featured and request usage rights from creators


Enable direct uploads from your community

Invite your community to share content directly to your library or upload in-house content

Content rights

Secure your rights to use UGC

Retrieve content rights through Instagram, direct uploads, or whitelist your long-term influencer collaborations


Store all content in one place

Keep collected content in an ecommerce-focused content library to tag, filter, and manage it in a few clicks

Take charge of your community content

Try Cevoid for free to figure out what you need on the go, or reach out to our team for assistance. We’re always happy to help! 💜

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