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Increase conversion by using shoppable UGC in blog posts

Up your blog game by replacing regular pictures with UGC posts. With the easy-to-embed single post gallery each picture gets a visible product tag that makes it easy to buy the products you are displaying and writing about.

Swap regular pictures to shoppable posts

Each post in the Cevoid platform can be embeded as a single post gallery anywhere on your store. These posts can display product tags which naturally increase conversion.

How it works

Choose an UGC post

Find the post you want to display and copy the embed code.

Include it in a blog post

Paste the embed code into your blog post where you're it fits well with the context.

Convert your news and stories

Your UGC posts are now visible in your blog post, ready to inspire new customers and increase conversion.

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Create fun, shoppable blog posts with UGC

  • Build a close relationship where customers can be featured in stories
  • Make it easy for your readers to buy the product you are writing about

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